Worcestershire's Wonderful Wetlands

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Stuck for that perfect gift idea? Our virtual gift will make a unique and thoughtful present for a loved one and will help to protect what remains of Worcestershire's wetlands.

Your gift will be used to maintain our wetland nature reserves and create new areas for the future.

Worcestershire’s freshwater wetlands and waterways provide wildlife with ‘corridors’, which they can use to move between fragmented habitats. These varied habitats support a diverse range of plants and animals including everything from fish to damselflies and from otters to birds. However, these important wildlife sites have been in serious decline over the years as waters have been polluted, land drained and riverbank habitats stripped and modified.

With the loss of wetlands have come dramatic reductions in wildlife, including populations of birds such as snipe, curlew and lapwing. In the UK, between 2010 and 2011, lapwing declined by 18%, curlew by 13% and snipe by a staggering 40%! Populations of otter, water vole, great crested newt and redshank have also seen their habitats diminish and disappear.

We will send a beautiful gift card which can be posted to you so that you can either add a personal greeting, or it can be delivered directly to your friend or relative.




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