Magical Carpet Ride

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Stuck for that perfect gift idea? Our virtual gift will make a unique and thoughtful present for a loved one.

Your gift will be used to cover the costs of managing our woodland nature reserves, allowing the magical carpets of bluebells to thrive.

Ancient woodlands are immensely important wildlife sites, known for their richness and variety. They come alive at dawn with the hoot of tawny owls and warblers’ songs in the air. In the day, butterflies alight on flowers on the forest floor and at night, bats and dormice come out to forage and hunt. Ancient woodlands contain plants that are rarely found elsewhere, but it’s the flowers that our forests are really famous for. Carpets of bluebells herald the spring, hoards of white ramsons fill the air with the exciting scent of garlic and pretty wood anemones line the paths.

Ancient woods have been called ‘the jewel in our woodland crown’. However, thousands of years of land management have dramatically reduced many of these precious and irreplaceable sites.

Your gift of £20 will help keep the magic alive.

We will send a beautiful gift card which can be posted to you so that you can either add a personal greeting, or it can be delivered directly to your friend or relative.



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