Plant Information Group

Identifying plants (c) Suzi RicherIdenitifying plants (c) Suzi Richer

The Plant Information Group - or PIG for short - could be just what you are looking for!

Green-winged orchid (c) Paul Lane

One of the problems in looking after nature reserves is finding out if you are correctly managing them. If it's a meadow, it will probably need grazing...but how much grazing do you need? Too much and all the plants you want to keep will be grazed out, too little and they may be crowded out by rank weeds instead.

Something similar occurs when managing sunlight reaching a woodland floor - too much shade or too little?

What is needed is the baseline of the species and quantities of plants at a certain date and how this changes over the years. Lots of groups of people do this for Worcestershire Wildlife Trust and the PIG is one of them.

PIG is a group of volunteers working within the Malvern local group of WWT.  We have members who range from those who can just about recognise a daisy (most of the time) to those who know lots about plants. As in everything else, no-one knows it all and the sharing of knowledge is everything.

We perform plant surveys primarily on WWT nature reserves but occasionally elsewhere.  PIG has two objectives when performing surveys: the first to provide good information for WWT, the second to ensure that its members enjoy themselves.

If you'd like to get involved with PIG please contact Andrew directly

Other surveying groups

Members of Stourbridge group (c) Avril WilliamsWhile PIG operates on nature reserves mainly in the southern part of the county, members of Stourbridge local group operate further north (Penorchard, Devil's Spittleful, Wilden Marsh, Chaddesley Woods, Knowles Meadow, Ipsley Alders and Bewdley Fields).  

In addition, another sub-group in the Malvern area is a more informal wildlife rambling/study group that enjoy looking more closely at the flora and fauna in the area (not just WWT reserves).  Their aim is to try and identify anything they can find with the aid of reference books, other media and members' expertise.  As with the two plant ID groups, experts and non-experts are welcome - learning, sharing knowledge and enjoying have a closer look at wildlife and making lists to pass on to more formal recorders are what it's all about.  To get in touch and find out more email the Malvern group or phone Carol on 01886 884372.