The Time is Now mass lobby

Wednesday 19th June 2019

Some of the staff attending The Time is Now mass lobbySome of the staff attending The Time is Now mass lobby

Staff and volunteers from Worcestershire Wildlife Trust are preparing to travel to Parliament to call on MPs for ambitious new laws that will halt nature’s decline and secure the recovery of wildlife and natural places across the UK.

More than 14,000 people from across the UK have already signed up to attend the event in Westminster on Wednesday 26th June. Schoolchildren and young people will be joining forces with farmers, councillors and doctors to urge MPs to back immediate action for wildlife and climate change.

dormice (c) Cath ShellswellBen Rees from Worcestershire Wildlife Trust said “It’s so important that we let politicians know how important the natural world is.

“We depend on our natural environment for everything – from agriculture and food production to the places we work, live and relax in as well as the air we breathe and water we drink.

“The actions that we have taken over the last century are catching up with us. It’s not just our natural world that is affected; ultimately, it’s us.

“Report after report are telling us that we are on the brink of losing thousands upon thousands of amazing species of wildlife. There are species that my parents thought were common but I now think are scarce – what will be left for my children to marvel at?”

The organisers of The Time is Now mass lobby are calling on politicians to ensure the forthcoming Environment Bill includes ambitious targets for wildlife and a legally-binding Nature Recovery Network.

It will also call on politicians to support immediate measures aimed at achieving ‘net zero’ greenhouse gas emissions following the Government’s announcement that it will set in law a target to achieve this by 2050.

Ben added “According to leading climate experts we have just 12 years to do something about climate change before it’s irreversible. We need our politicians to listen and take action right now to halt climate change and save our wonderful planet for all wildlife – for now and for generations to come.

“I can’t wait for us to meet our MPs on 26th June to ask them to act now.”

Barn owl (c) Jason CurtisThe lobby takes place following numerous reports that emphasise the need for urgent action. The most recent, from the IPBES, showed that nature is declining globally at rates unprecedented in human history and that the rate of species extinctions is accelerating, with grave impacts for people around the world now likely.

Mike Perry, Head of Resources for Worcestershire Wildlife Trust, said “The time to make a difference really is now. The thousands of people that we’ll be joining are just a fraction of those who care about our natural world and are crying out for our government to take the lead for nature’s recovery.

“An ambitious Environment Act is desperately needed. The Act must establish a network within which nature can recover in our towns and countryside as well as along our rivers, we need a strong watchdog and we need funding in place to help with this.

“We are seeing catastrophic declines in both the abundance and diversity of our wildlife. Only a strong Environment Act can begin to reverse this. Only this can ensure that vast areas of the places we love can come back to life.
“Urgent action for a Wilder Future, a Wilder Worcestershire, is needed. The Time is Now.”

The event is taking place in the area surrounding the Palace of Westminster and is being organised by campaign groups The Climate Coalition and Greener UK. The two coalitions consist of more than 130 organisations representing over 15 million people ranging from aid agencies, community groups and nature conservation bodies.

There's still time to sign up to join us and thousands of others at Westminster for The Time is Now mass lobby on Wednesday 26th June.

Why is an Environment Act needed in England?

We need wildlife. Our natural world is valuable in its own right and is the foundation of our wellbeing - we depend on it and it depends on us. Without a healthy natural world the survival of humanity is at stake. By creating more space for nature, we can create a better world for people and wildlife.

Wildlife is in trouble. From rivers and woodlands, to birds and flowers, our natural world is struggling. Over half the species assessed in the State of Nature report have suffered since the 1970s, with many of our much-loved animals struggling. Just some of the declines we have seen in recent years include:

• 66% decline in the number of barn owls since the 1930s
• 95% decline in the number of basking shark in UK waters since 1950s
• 40% decline in the number of Atlantic salmon since the 1970s
• 90% decline in the number of common frogs since the 1980s
• 90% decline in the number of water voles since the 1990s.

Wildlife needs us. We can make a difference. A new and ambitious Environment Act can help reverse the trend of missing wildlife, setting out a plan for nature's recovery and creating a healthier natural world for us all.

Nature Recovery Network

Mapping out a Nature Recovery Network would achieve key Government targets for increasing the extent and quality of natural habitats, turning nature’s recovery from an aspiration to a reality.

The Climate Coalition

Is a collection of over 130 organisations representing more than 15 million people across the UK dedicated to protecting things that could be lost to climate change and limiting its impact on the world’s poorest communities. Coalition member organisations range from aid agencies such as CAFOD and Christian Aid to community groups such as the Women’s Institute and conservation bodies such as WWF and RSPB.

Greener UK

Is a group of 14 major environmental organisations with a combined public membership of over 8 million people. Member organisations include The Wildlife Trusts, the Marine Conservation Society, the Woodland Trust and the Campaign for Better Transport.

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