What do I need to know?

If you’d like to get involved with Natural Networks and make your land better for wildlife, have a quick read below before getting in touch with one of our project officers.

Eligibility for Natural Networks

  • ·         Natural Networks can offer support to projects that will directly enhance biodiversity - for example, creating wildflower meadows, reedbeds, or new ponds. The scheme can also support actions which make the project accessible for the public (up to 20% of total project cost). We cannot generally pay for equipment or ongoing management.
  • ·         The grants are aimed at land that has previously been unable to receive environment grant schemes so sites cannot be eligible for, or already receiving, Countryside Stewardship payments.
  • ·         Sites need to have free and ongoing public access. This can be in terms of Public Rights of Way or more formal status, such as a public park. Alternatively, applicants must be able to show that the site is regularly and freely open to the public.
  • ·         The grants are aimed at small and medium businesses (SMEs), third sector organisations and public bodies (e.g. Local and Parish Councils).

How we can help

  • ·         Worcestershire County Council will check your eligibility for the scheme.
  • ·         Worcestershire Wildlife Trust will then visit your site to carry out a Biodiversity Enhancement Assessment, evaluating its existing biodiversity value and recommending ways to enhance it.

Grant information

  • ·         Natural Networks can fund up to 45% of a project’s cost. The minimum grant payable is £2,000, the maximum grant is £200,000 (which must equal 45% or less of your project cost). Grants must be cash-matched.
  • ·         Payments will be made in arrears and applicants must demonstrate that they have completed works and obtained relevant planning permissions, drainage consents, etc. prior to funds being disbursed.
  • ·         Funds must be disbursed before the end of June 2021.

Do you have a project idea? Please get in touch at:

sean@worcestershirewildlifetrust.org   or    jasmine@worcestershirewildlifetrust.org

Alternatively, give us a call on 01905 754919


To check eligibility and register for the scheme, contact:

kainsworth@worcestershire.gov.uk or lmayo@worcestershire.gov.uk