Posted: Monday 8th August 2016 by StayWild


A nice little wild past time

It's been a busy couple of weeks, but unfortunately not jam packed with Wild Advenures. Sometimes life things take-over and you have to actually join in the rat-race... alongside cleaning the house and being all adulty.  

In the middle of the house sorting and cleaning, I did buy myself some gorgeous sunflowers. I am trying to cling onto this very british summer by adding abit of bright colour and 'sun' into my home.. They are stunning, but unfortunately, they don't appear to have magically made the sun stick around for very long like I had hoped. 

I wanted to chat about Geocaching for a little bit actually, because that is something that you can do whether you have 10 minutes spare or a whole day; depending on the hidden geocache of course! You should be able to click on 'geocache' and be taken to the website :) It gets you outside and exploring!

Geocaching has been around for absolutely ages, but I have only recently got into it. So, what is it? It's basically a huge worldwide activity which involves searching, finding and logging geocaches that are hidden all over the place. They are usually small containers (like the one I photographed) with little log books in that you can mark your name down, along with the date, to say that you found it. Sometimes, there's little trinkets that you need to move from destinations to other destinations and sometimes, you can keep the trinkets!

Geocache Container      Geocache MapAll those green dots on the map are hidden geocaches! That's just a small portion of Worcester too, think of the exploration!

You do need abit of technology for this, but you can always track it at home and then take a paper map with you! They are hidden literally everywhere, from bushes in your housing estate to trees in the middle of forests, all you need to do is use some kind of navigational system to get you there. The app for geocaching on smart phones is a pretty decent way of finding them, people offer clues, pictures and help with how to find them. 

I have really enjoyed doing this because it's like a global treasure hunt and has been so much more fun than I thought. I literally found 4 in my housing estate and it means that I wondered around places I had never been before. They can be burried in tree trunks or hidden in tall grass, be careful though because sometimes the area can be too overgrown- take note of peoples advice on the particular geocache you might be looking for, you don't want to be in danger of hurting yourself.

I would also advise you take someone with you to join in on the adventure because you never know where you might end up or what you might be in for!

On Sunday 7th, I took a walk around Droitwich with Jim. We went through droitwich park and found that there was a brass band playing at the bandstand. We decided to lie down in the sunshine and enjoy the music. There's a little clip below for you to listen to!
They are called the Arrow Valley Brass Band and are based in Inkberrow, Worcestershire. They sounded great!

You never know what you might see, hear or find on spontanious walks!



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