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“Adopt the pace of nature: her secret is patience.”- Ralph Waldo Emerson

Posted: Tuesday 26th July 2016 by StayWild

Small Walks and Small Creatures

This week has been a busy work week but I did find the time to get out and about to enjoy some of mother natures finest.

Jim and I decided one evening, in the midst of this typically british heatwave, to take a wonder down by the river severn. The air was warm and the breeze was cool. There was quite a few people down there enjoying the practically balmy evening, I think a lot of them were catching Pokemon by the fountains but it was nice to see people out and about and there wasn't a raincoat in sight! We sat and enjoyed a drink on the River front as a little treat and did a little people watching; I love how the warmer weather makes a noticeable difference on people's moods and general wellbeing. 

River Severn, Sunset

We walked until the sun went down and cast beautiful orange light over Worcester. I couldn't resist a shot as we looked over the River; the swans were tucking in for the night and the water was calm. As i've mentioned before, there's so much to see on your doorstep, just take a wander. 

I also managed to do a little bit of work in the garden this week and came across some suprising little creatures! I was mowing the lawn and saw something move in the over-growth, I switched off the mower and took a closer look. A frog! A young frog had found its way into my garden and was nestled in the plants and grass by the fence. It was really damp in that specific corner and had an array of different plant life; I decided to leave that corner alone and let him get on with his day. Was that the right thing to do?


I'd love to leave my garden to absolutely run wild and encourage all the wildlife I can. However, it's going to have to be a little more structured because I do enjoying sitting outside and I have a few allergies, so tall grass isnt my greatest friend at the best of times...
I topped up the bird feeders hanging on my tree (which I discovered isnt a cherry tree...) and did a bit of tidying up around the edges. It was pretty damp outside and began to rain so I got a little bit messy!
I also found something else jumping around in the grass and moved it to safety...


A huge cricket! The picture isn't fab, he was pretty jumpy at the time when I only had my phone to take a quick shot. It's the biggest one I have seen a long while and I did a little research about the difference between and grasshopper and a cricket.
It had huge antennae and long hind legs which is usually a distinguishing feature of a cricket and lead me to belive it was a cricket....( I could be 100% wrong here!)
I moved him to a safe spot and continued neatening the garden.

To round off the week, I went for a  little picnic at Cripplegate park in Worcester with some friends, we chilled on the grass then went for a walk; completely free and really enjoyable. The park is pretty well kept and I noticed a lovely section of great wildflowers, it was an insects paradise.

Cripplegate Park, Wildflowers

They were such beautifully bright colours and it was great to see.


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