Posted: Tuesday 30th June 2015 by 30DaysWild2015

Flying awayFlying away

Final day of June, last blog.

That’s All Folks!

Well, I’ve got there: 30 Days of Random Acts of Wildness. I wonder if there is anybody still out there reading this? If there is, I think you deserve a holiday.

Well I’m going to have one anyway, I’m off to do my bit to prop up the economy of a Greek island and meet up with my grand daughter and other family members later today! I’m looking forward to some wild times in the sun but these last 30 days have shown me what a great time can be had here in the English midlands if you care to connect with the natural world in some way every day.

There were times when I wondered if I’d have enough ideas to get through the month but at this point I realise I’ve not tried any wild food; elderflower wine or champagne etc.. I’ve not started to investigate a new group of animals or plants, I’ve not read a nature book outside or even had a nap in a wild place. I’ve not walked on wet grass or dangled my feet in a stream. I have read many other blogs and tweets and I’m really impressed with how many people have had great fun connecting with nature each day this month.

…and my final Random Act of Wildness: to trust those laws of physics which allow 75 000 kg of machinery, luggage and people to lift 5 miles above the ground!

Good luck with your own Wild Days!



p.s. Oops! I re-read yesterday’s blog. So what was the ‘Random Act’ bit? What I didn’t say was that I’d gone for a walk and nothing random enough had happened, I got a bit worried but as I was walking along the hedgerow the theme came to me. A simple walk really helps you think!

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