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Night Time in the Garden

Posted: Monday 29th June 2015 by 30DaysWild2015

Waxing gibbous moonWaxing gibbous moon

Taking time to investigate the garden after dark.

Night Time in the Garden

I'm afraid that "National Unplugging Day was a step too far; it was "National Tech Limitation Day" for me.  It really was necessary to comunicate with others and it wasn't fair to leave them in the dark for a day.

I did put myself in the dark last night though!  I spent some time outside after the sun had finally gone down.  It was a warm, still evening and the garden smelled fresh, not always the case when there are farms around!  It was very quiet and still, lit by a bright moon.  I was disappointed not to see any bats; not even worth breaking the tech ban and going for the bat detector.  We used to have a roost in the loft but they seem to have gone and it's a great disappointment.  There are also far fewer insects around, we used to have to sit out with candles burning and cover ourselves in insect repellant, no need anymore.  Rather sad.

Night time visitors, fox and badger

Late in the evening I put out the trail cam. Almost after the end of "unplugging day" but not quite, oops!  In my defence it's not 'plugged in' anyway and I didn't look at the screen until this morning!   It was a very cheap one and got drowned earlier this month, it seems to be sulking and just giving me poor quality stills and 1 second video but it did show me two visitors which arrived very soon after I left.

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