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Meanwhile Back in Another Meadow...

Posted: Wednesday 24th June 2015 by 30DaysWild2015

Herb rich acid grasslandHerb rich acid grassland

Another work party and coincidentally, after yesterday's blog, I find myself in another meadow.

Meanwhile back in another meadow ...

It's been a long time since I managed a volunteer session with the National Trust on Kinver Edge, indeed I wondered if the other volunteers would still recognise me!  In truth, I knew they would but I also knew that I'd have to put up with half an hour of leg pulling about my recently infrequent attendance.

The task today was to get rid of the ragwort from a meadow which would eventually be cut and possibly used as horse feed. I'm aware that the facts around the toxicity of ragwort are controversial but I doubt anyone locally would buy the hay if they felt it had ragwort in it.  I've done a bit of 'Googling' this evening and find that the issues are even more uncertain than I thought.  However the early morning was spent pulling the ragwort and chatting with the other volunteers.  We have a new Ranger at Kinver and he is full of exciting new ideas and so the conversation was stimulating and the time soon passed.

Ragwort loaded onto truck

When the sun rose high in the sky we escaped back to base for tea and cake made by one of the volunteers and, you've guessed it, more conversation!

After tea we raked up cut grass around the old warden's house which, having been renovated, is soon to be let.  Quite a gentle task so plenty of breath left for .... more chat!

This is my second blog about conservation work parties. Do you notice a common thread? The personalities in each group were different but the theme is much the same; we do achieve our aims but there is plenty of socialising and cake  too!

If you find yourself with a free day in the week I really recommend you think about volunteering with any local wildlife organisation, particularly the Wildlife Trust but other organisations do exist! Make friends, help wildlife, get fit (fitish) and eat cake!

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