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An evening walk

A June Evening

I didn't really intend to take a picture of a sunset.  I have to get up very early (for me) tomorrow morning so I thought I'd have an evening walk before an early night.

As I walked I began to wonder what it is about this time of year that gives a very special feeling to an evening walk.  I know the sun sets later but why does the light just before sunset seem so different at this time of year, you can tell as soon as you leave the house can't you?   Is the quality of light itself different?  Of course I began to try to work out whether the sun's rays come through more or less atmosphere which led to wondering about the workings of the solar system: oh! for heaven's sake, it's just a summer walk!  Is it the fact that the fading light changes so much more slowly? Perhaps it's not the light at all, perhaps its the birdsong: blackbirds, song thrushes, sky lark, pheasants?  Perhaps it's just that at this time of day we are usually doing things other than going out.

Summer evening viewI tried to capture some idea of the light in camera; I failed!  I got drawn to the setting sun instead, not what I intended at all. Not even a particularly spectacular sunset or view but it does capture for me a pleasant walk in typical Midlands countryside.

Perhaps it's just me and you have no idea what I'm talking about.  Humour me though, go out for a walk tomorrow evening and see what you think: you've only got a few more chances before the nights start drawing in!

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