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Children and Habitats

Posted: Tuesday 16th June 2015 by 30DaysWild2015


Another day of working with young people at Lower Smite Farm

Children and Habitats

I've spent another day at Lower Smite Farm helping young people learn about habitats, the different creatures that we find in different habitats and how they manage to survive in their particular habitat.  This time they were 9 year olds and so were better able to understand the details of life cycles and what living things require from a habitat.

Pond dipping was great as usual and these children had a good attention span, the same was true for our woodland search.  Unfortunately the school were not able to give permission for me to photograph the youngsters so I'll have to describe the best part of the day:

You may know we have a reasonably large orchard of young trees, in between the trees we have wildflower meadows which will soon be cut, the fine grasses and umbellifers were up to or above chest height on most children.  Paths have been mown through the orchard and I'd been provided with a game which involved the children being mice, navigating a course through the paths whilst trying to avoid two predatory owl children.  As the game progressed it became apparent that the two 'owls' were really adopting interesting hunting strategies whilst the 'mice' were working out ways to avoid the 'owls'. Enough for a group of A level students to discuss!

For me the best part was watching the children fully invoved in the game, playing by the rules, having regard for the safety of their friends and running around freely in the hot summer sunshine, half hidden in the beautiful meadow grasses and wild flowers.  I wish I could have taken photographs or video of the heads bobbing in and out of sight. It was difficult to summarise the game above the sneezing of the children (and teachers!) but that was irrelevant.  

All kids should have the opportunity to finish a school day like this: hot, tired and laughing amongst wildflowers.

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