Posted: Saturday 13th June 2015 by 30DaysWild2015

Rain drops in puddlesRain drops in puddles

A walk in the rain


A very large volume of rain has fallen in the last 18 hours here, raising the levels of the canal and the Stour.  As I suggested in an earlier blog I think we can too easily describe weather as good or bad; if you want to be in touch with the natural world then you have to accept different weather conditions.  So today I went for a walk!   I took the camera and an iPad to record the images and sounds of the rain. 

I assure you that the sounds I collected are just as they happened even though it may sound like a fried breakfast cooking!  You can judge for yourselves in a minute.

It was a great experience to take time to listen to the sounds of nature in the rain instead of hurrying to get inside.

Several years ago a young colleague of mine was diagnosed with a terminal illness.  On one occasion when I visited him after he had been confined to his home for what was to be the final time we were surrounded by his children and chatting about the smaller things in life; it had been raining hard and he said with obvious regret: "You know I'm never going to walk in the rain again".  Rain is as much part of life as sun. 

I'll dedicate this blog to Mohammed Z Khan, an inspirational teacher, proud father and, I hope, my friend.

I hope that my technical ability will allow you to click here to see some images and sounds from today.

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