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Birdwatching at Upton Warren

Posted: Saturday 13th June 2015 by 30DaysWild2015


An afternoon at Worcestershire's premier bird reserve

Birdwatching at Upton Warren

I can never decide whether the 25 minute drive to Upton Warren counts as 'twitching' or not.  In the back of my mind I have a feeling that if I'm going to see a particular bird, or group of birds, and I can't walk from home or visit the site because I'm already going somewhere very close to it for another reason then it probably counts as 'a twitch'!

I try to think of Upton Warren as a special case and try to ignore the fuel used getting there.  

AvocetTo those of you who do not know Upton Warren it is a reserve made up of an area of freshwater pools, the Moors, and an area of shallow subsidence of old salt workings fed by brine springs, the Flashes.  The Flashes have developed that almost unique habitat of inland salt marsh and attract an abundance of birds.  One of the great successes of the reserve is the presence of breeding avocets. Over the years as their numbers have built up I'm going to guess that area for area we have more breeding avocets than any of the East coast reserves.  We've become a bit blasé about the success of 'our' avocets and it's easy to overlook the fact that what were thought to be more common waders are not doing so well.  It is with this in mind that I was so pleased to see so many lapwing hatching eggs this year, although predation has meant that the chicks are struggling to survive

There are plenty of hides around the reserve and it's always a great spot either for a couple of hours of serious 'birding' or just a gentle bit of 'birdwatching'.  Today I've just sat and watched the behaviour of the birds; once again it's amazing how time moves on and 30 minutes have turned into a couple of hours. The way that time in nature just keeps drawing you further and further in to the natural world while time passes seems to be an emerging theme in these blogs.


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