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A Watery Hiatus in a Busy day

Posted: Tuesday 9th June 2015 by 30DaysWild2015

Yellow FlagYellow Flag

Lunchtime by the pond provides a time to recover in a busy day.

A Watery Hiatus in a Busy Day

It's a measure of how busy yesterday was that I'm only able to post this blog this evening.  The whole of the day (apart from travel time) was one long Act of Random Wildness.

It started with an hours travel across Birmingham where I was due to speak to a group about 'My Wild Life': an illustrated year's diary of living with the natural world.  From there I was due to meet with staff at the Wildlife Trust to catch up on the activities of our Resources team; it's always good to hear about their efforts, they work hard to support the work of the Trust, increase our membership, educate old and young alike and communicte our messages across the County. In the evening I was due to speak to a WI group about the 'Work of the Trust'.  

Granary Pond

So in a busy day it was great to be able to sit next to one of the wildlife ponds at Lower Smite Farm and eat my sandwich, camera in hand and thoughts of this blog in mind.  The pond is looking good: a new dipping platform has bedded in nicely, the pond has settled and the reeds and yellow flag are looking great. Little grebe whinneyed in the reeds, a coot worked it's way across the back of the pool and reed warblers flew from reed to reed in clear view, a skylark sang above the field behind me and swallows and martins flew above the pool.  When the breeze dropped and the sun came from behind the clouds at least two species of dragonfly and two of damselfly flitted around the reeds and irises and occasionally rested on the platform.  Anne, our Membership Officer came past, also enjoying a peaceful lunchtime and we chatted about this and that: mainly the wildlife on the farm that lunchtime.

Reed warblerThat 30 minutes certainly helped me recover from the morning anddeal with the rest of the day.

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