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Over the Garden Wall

Posted: Thursday 4th June 2015 by 30DaysWild2015

Garden warblerGarden warbler

Yesterday's 'random act of wildness' leads to an exciting discovery.

Over the Garden Wall

Yesterday's breakfast in the garden encouraged me to get up early again and venture into the garden.  It's a lovely late spring / early summer morning here, perhaps the best time to be outside.  Before I go further I need to explain that although I can do the basics there are a couple of pairs or groups of bird species that I find very difficult to tell apart by song.  I've struggled particularly with telling garden warbler and blackcap apart.  Today I've learnt why this has been such a problem for me!

For the last few years we've had a very vocal singer in the dawn chorus which has actually continued for most of the day; I've seen blackcaps about and made the assumption that that was what I was hearing.  The song has become very familiar.

Sunny scrub in the valley

This morning I decided that my 'random act of wildness' should be to actually watch the bird singing.  So I've wandered about early in the day, not just in the garden but over the hedge in a scrubby dry valley that separates me from my neighbour.  After a long time I finally saw the bird, and it wasn't a blackcap - we've got (and have had for years) a garden warbler singing in the scrub.

What a brilliant addition to my 'seen from the garden' list!  Thanks 30 days Wild!

It explains some of the trouble I've had when out and about, now I know what I'm listening for.

I can't claim that the photo is my garden bird, I took it on holiday 5 years ago and it's still my only example.  Perhaps later in the month I need to try for a shot in the garden.

I'm testing my technical abilities now and I'm hoping that if you click here you will be taken to my Flickr page and hear a clip I recorded on my iPad.

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