Love Your River

Looking for water voles (c) Lucy WoodLooking for water voles (c) Lucy Wood

Defra's Love Your River campaign aims to raise public awareness about the health of our rivers and the water we use.

The campaign concentrates on issues that affect rivers and encourages people to think about:

  • how the water we use in our homes or businesses affects the water in our local river
  • how the pollutants we dump down our drains harms our local water
  • the fact that there is likely to be less water available for people and businesses in the future and the knock-on effect this will have on the natural world around the river
  • how we could get by with less in the event of droughts
  • On average we use nearly 150 litres of water per person per day and it is easy to forget that our actions have a direct consequence on the health and wellbeing of our local rivers. That is why people are being asked to look at their own lifestyle to see if there are any changes they could make to help our rivers flourish.

Yellow fishHomes don't have to be next to a river for pollution to occur - road drains, for example, are only designed for rainwater and link directly into water courses but sometimes washing machines etc are incorrectly linked into these drains.

Remember “only rain down the drain” (from the Environment Agency’s Yellow Fish campaign) - please check where your household water goes and “think before you put in the sink”. All the small amounts of washing liquids from misconnections and oils from cars add up and damage our water environment.

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